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Pure Carpentry

Everything You Need to Know About Carpentry

The truth is that carpenters are mostly extremely skilled and valuable. In fact, they are some of the home improvement industry’s best craftsmen. Of course, all carpenters are skilled in working with wood, many of them have moved onto specialize in certain aspects of carpentry. There are so many different areas that you could literally write a book. However, most of these tend to be grouped into two broad categories by the average homeowners.

Rough Carpentry

If you are looking for someone that can conduct framing, scaffolding, installing a subfloor, or another type of construction that doesn’t need a fine touch and careful attention to small details for the design, rough carpentersare what you are looking for. These can sometimes specialize on one particular job, however. For example, you may hire a framer to build the frame for your home, and this is their area of expertise.

Delicate Carpentry.

If you are looking for a carpenter to provide the finishing touches to a job, then you are looking for a delicate carpenter. These are the ones that do the baseboards, put in hardwood floors, build the elegant cabinets, and multiple other jobs that need careful attention paid to the finer details. These type of carpentry generally requires more skill and sometimes needs specialized tools in order to do the job.

Other Areas

Maintenance, trip, and acoustical carpenters are just some of the many other types of specialized areas for carpentry. Basically, if there is some kind of woodwork needed, you can find a specialist to do it.

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